Thinking Cricket Live
A revolution in the Amateur Game
What is Thinking Cricket Live?
Its a group of Proprietary Apps to make your games
accessable to fans and sponsors alike
Our Apps enable you to:

  • Turn any Android Phone into a 3G or WiFi webcam that posts live images of your scoreboard and linked sponsor ads directly into your existing Twitter Feed. This enables you to broadcast live scores throughout the day on Twitter without any human input. Your players, families and friends can still use Twitter as they normally would with their comments, photos and updates going into the timeline as normal.

  • ​Create LIVE video clips of any length (Bypassing the Twitter time limit). This means you can interview top scorers, post highlights of the game and even promote the clubs activities through video right on your Twitter timeline.
  • ​Generate much needed revenue for your club through community based sponsorship involvement

Every Cricket Club on earth has a Twitter account and could use this service to provide their fans with a simple and effective means of following the scores on every game as well as posting eye catching video clips all automatically.

Because the system uses 3G or WiFi (if available), you can use it almost anywhere.

Imagine your on holiday in Spain and want to keep up with live local scores.
Well now you can when your club uses Thinking Cricket.
What are the Benefits?
  • Ease of use - you can install, setup and be posting images and video clips in minutes
  • Cheap - It works on any Android phone so that old model you have in the draw can be given new life
  • It generates Income - By selling club sponsorship to businesses in your community, you can make money for your club through the App
  • It Benefits the Sponsors - By sponsoring your club, the sponsor generates local good will for their business and importantly gets their ad seen by the viewing audience time and time again during play. If both the Scoreboard App and the Live Clip Apps are used, the Sponsor gets double the exposure.
  • Low tech - It does not require WiFi to work, anywhere there is a 3G signal will do the trick
  • Integration - It works with your existing Twitter account so there is no reason to migrate people away from something they already use
  • FREE Setup and Training - One of our staff will train you and set up your system for you
So, How does it Work?
Using Thinking Cricket Live is easy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Install the App we supply
  2. Log In to your Twitter Account though the App.
  3. Click Settings
  4. Set the Time Interval for the image posts
  5. Set the Sponsor Images if you have any
  6. Set the amount of Score Posts between Sponsor Posts
  7. Save
  8. Point Camera at Score Board
  9. Click Start Capture
  10. Thats It.
​Once running, the system will post an image of your score board to your Twitter page at the time interval set in the settings screen. So if you have set the interval to 2 minutes, every 2 minutes, a new image will be posted updating the score for your viewers.

​If you have signed up local sponsors, you can set their images to be displayed after the scores, for instance, you could have 3 scoreboard posts and then post a sponsor image, then 3 more scoreboad posts and then a second sponsor image and so on. Once all sponsor images have been displayed, it will loop from the start.

​Getting local businesses to sponsor your club is good for both parties, it shows everyone that the sponsors support their local club and it generates much needed revenue for the club.

​This represents the best locally targeted online advertising opportunity anywhere on the internet. If you run a local business and want to be seen by the cricketing fraternity, Thinking Cricket is somthing you should consider.

How much should we charge sponsors?

​That is entirely up to you but we suggest £10 per month which represents amazing value for the sponsor and if 30 Sponsors were found, it would generate an incredible £3,000 per year for your club.

The easiest way to collect revenue from sponsors is to set up a PayPal account for your club and have the Sponsor subscribe to a £10 per month advertising package.

That way the money is paid automatically each month and you do not need to keep asking the sponsor for this months fee. Of course the sponsor can cancel their subsciption at any time.

We can assist in setting up a payment page for your club if required, just ask.
What Does Thinking Cricket Live Cost?
​Thinking Cricket Live costs just £10 per month per module, so the scoreboard App and Live Clip App would be £20 per month in total. You may choose either apps or both, its entirely up to you. (Assumes club supplies the phone(s) and data SIM)

​If the club want us to supply a suitable phone and data contract, the phone would be a one off cost of £75 and become the property of the club. The data contract and SIM would atttract a monthly cost of £15 per month per Phone.

If WiFi is available, a data contract is not necessary.

We can also assist you in recruiting sponsors. For a personal demonstration and a confidetial conversation on the opportunites around this, contact us through the form below.
Contact Us for a Personal Demonstration
​To get a personal demonstration of Thinking Cricket Live and discuss all options associated with using the system and the benefits it can bring your club, please fill in the form below and one of our representatives will be in touch.